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What matters the most is your talent and skills, not gender, says Priyanka Dubey Mehta



As a part of our series to celebrate motherhood, QNA’s team spoke to Priyanka Dubey Mehta, who is presently working with Dainik Jagran. She shared her thoughtful insights on typical issues faced by several working mothers today. In an exclusive interview with QNA, the journalist also revealed how she manages time in her highly demanding field.

Striking an equilibrium between work and motherhood is not an easy task, especially on top position in the field of journalism. So how do you manage your personal and professional life?

Priyanka Dubey Mehta: Undoubtedly, it’s a little difficult, but I am used to it now. Moreover, if we like our job, we are motivated as well as encouraged to manage the things that matter to us.

Today, a constant dilemma of ‘career vs family’ is being faced by a large proportion of working mothers. How do you view this conundrum?

Priyanka Dubey Mehta: Indeed, once again people have started giving importance to their families rather than careers. At certain times, it gets very challenging and difficult to handle the office, home and raise the kids. Hats off to those mothers who have left their jobs for their kids’ upbringing. Absolutely, that’s a tricky challenge in today’s competitive lifestyle. Most people give high priority to their families over their jobs. It’s difficult to strike a balance between work and home, especially when it comes to our kids. Don’t get me wrong; I respect and salute the determination of parents/mothers/fathers who give up their jobs for the sake of their children.

What’s the hardest thing about being a working mom; and what’s the best thing?

Priyanka Dubey Mehta: What I find the most difficult is, being unable to get involved with our children 24 hours a day. But the best part is that your child is learning the same qualities as you show them and he is learning to do the same things in a better way. And, of course, we want to create a better life for them and financial support does play a good part in that.

Women journalists face several challenges, including unfair representation, negative societal attitudes, and the gender pay gap. Do you think media organizations should ensure gender equality?

Priyanka Dubey Mehta: Not really, I have never faced such gender-based discrimination in my organization thankfully. There’s nothing like the gender pay gap, in fact I have always gotten their support. I think what matters the most is your talent and skills, not gender, this is the only reason why I have been working since last 16 years with the organization and taking care of my family and raising my daughter parallelly. If there are organizations where women are facing this problem, then it’s certainly unfair to them and they should get equal pay. We treat men and women equally, with respect. My colleagues have always respected and supported me and I do the same to them. It’s all about talent and hard work in today’s world.

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