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Salman Khan: Whatever I am today is because of what I have been through



salman khan interview for bharat-min

Eid and Salman Khan together define the word ‘Blockbuster’. And this year it is Ali Abbas Zafar’s ‘Bharat’ that will hit the screens across the nation. In a free-wheeling conversation, Salman reveals how he is extremely excited to see audience’s reaction to the film, the reason behind this phenomenal tuning with Ali and a lot more. Read on..

Was Bharat the most challenging character of your career?

Salman Khan: Yes, I feel so. It was more difficult than Sultan. The movie shows a man’s journey spanned over 70 years. I had to put on weight to enact one phase of his life and lose kilos to look younger for another phase. It was a very time consuming and challenging process for me.

Fans are not ready to see their favourite star age on screen. So, were you sceptical about playing an old man’s character?

Salman Khan: I think I have played it differently. The old man (Salman’s character in Bharat) is in his 70s, but he is 40 years old by heart. He stands tall, is strong, full of life. He has a great sense of humour, style, and enthusiasm. This is the most entertaining character of the film and I don’t mind playing such interesting roles.

The story is inspired by a Korean movie that shows the history of Korea. But creating an Indian version of the same would have required a lot of work. Did the thought of not meeting up to the standards make you doubtful?

Salman Khan: When we saw the Korean movie, we were really impressed by its plot. So, we only took inspiration and weaved the rest of the story. The Korean movie had more emotions and less humour. Here we tried to make it more entertaining for the audience without compromising with the emotional quotient. The movie will bring tears of joy to your eyes.  

Like your character Bharat, is there any chapter of your life that you would never want to relive?

Salman Khan: It’s quite a tough question for me. My life has been very interesting and whatever I am today is because of what I have been through – good or bad. I am fortunate. Jo bhi hua mere saath, usne mujhe is muqaam par laakr khada krdia.

You have worked with Ali in Sultan and Tiger Zinda hai. What makes him a very special Writer-Director?

Salman Khan: Nowadays, filmmakers find emotions as a clichéd concept and try to experiment with new subjects. But what they don’t understand is that we (Indians) only understand the language of emotions. We feel connected to stories that trigger our feelings. We want to see how good overcomes the evil. And Ali is full of emotions. He understands the demand of the audience.

How was the experience of working with Sunil Grover.

Salman Khan: He is the most talented man I have come across. He is fantastic in the movie. He is playing my childhood friend who stays by my side from the age of 8 till the end.