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Winning ‘Mr India 2018 Manhunt’ is a dream come true: Ankur Gautam



Ankur Gautam is an active fashion model and has won numerous awards including ‘Mr India 2018 Manhunt’. Here’s an excerpt from an interaction  about winning ‘Mr India 2018 Manhunt’ title.

What is it like to win this title?

Ankur: It was a dream that came true, a dream that was not only mine but others’ as well. My parents, friends and well-wishers have supported me throughout this journey. I am really grateful to all of them. Indeed, It didn’t happen overnight but my hard work finally paid off. It’s a journey from being a no one to someone.

What responsibility comes with winning the title?

Ankur: With authority always comes responsibility. Yes with this prestigious title also comes some responsibilities which I can’t deny. Creating awareness amongst the youth is one of my prime agenda. We see a lot of people wasting their potential and talent. Educating the underprivileged and helping them to find some way of earning, so that they can support their lives and take this chain forward. We also need to tell the parents that modelling is also a career with a lot of perks. As of now, the biggest responsibility is to make India and its citizens proud by winning the Mr Pacific World title – I am going to represent India at world level.

Did you have a strategy or an agenda for winning this competition?

Ankur: It was simply a dream and passion that I was pursuing. Hardwork, confidence and determination is the key. You need to have that never say NO attitude.

What’s next on your plate after this?

Ankur: Mr Pacific World which will be held in Peru, South America is my next thing. There are a few people who have approached me for print shoots and ramps. So let’s see how it goes from here.

Do you plan on making your move to Bollywood?

Ankur: Of course, that is the ultimate thing. I am looking forward to get some movie offers.

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