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Working in Marathi industry biggest highlight of my career: Amruta Khanvilkar



Amruta Khanvilkar is an Indian film actress who appears in Bollywood and Marathi films. In this feature interview we talked Amruta on women empowerment and her stories. Here is an excerpt from her interview with us.

How come you opted to tread a different path by doing the Indian Cinema Industry?

Amruta: I’m extremely passionate about dance and in the year 2004 there was a reality show ‘India’s Best Cinestar Ki Khoj’ on Zee TV and I thought I will try my luck there. After this show I kept getting offers so yes it was by choice and also because of situations that I do what I love.

The profession you are in, gives you an opportunity to interact with people from various cultural backgrounds. What has been your experience as a person working in the Cinema industry?

Amruta: Experience has been extremely enriching. Every day you keep meeting different talented people. There is success here as well as double the failure and you learn the most important lessons in your life here that no matter how good you are or how much I have achieved every day is a new struggle and that everything you do has to be done with kindness

What have been the high points in your career?

Amruta: There are many like the first decision me and my family made to let me work here then getting to work in the Marathi industry I think is the biggest highlight of my career.

What was the reaction of your family & friends when you opted for this career?

Amruta: Family was scared at first but I had a huge support of my mom and she stood like an anchor.

Was this career by choice or circumstantial?

Amruta: Both actually I wanted to do something In the creative field and circumstances kept happening.

Do you idolize any women?

Amruta: Yes a lot actually from Beyoncé to Jenifer Lopez to Priyanka Chopra and a lot more. These women I feel are not only successful but are inspirational because of their struggles and they give hope to every little girl that if they can do it anyone can.

What is your message for the Indian youth women?

Amruta: Be the best version of yourself.

What are your views about women’s position in India?

Amruta: I don’t think we should separate Indian women from any other women in some other country. I think women have suffered a lot be it anywhere but today they are emerging as strong independent and equal in about everything. Yes, in India the position is slightly delicate but I’m a positive person and even though I see and realize and know the negative side, I always look at the brighter side and I think in India position of women is rising

One thing you want to change for women in India?

Amruta: One thing I want to change which I strongly believe is that as and when we will stop saying save the girl child I think that day we will make ourselves and this country proud because saving the girl child is simply mandatory how can you kill someone…. the fact that even in 2017 if we need to put banners and educate people about saving a girl child I think nothing is more embarrassing and saddening than this.

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