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Zaffori is different from other marketplaces in many different ways, says company president Gauri Shah

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A first-of-its-kind, Zaffori is a high-end apparel marketplace which provides a unique opportunity to shop customized clothing from some of the top fashion designers in the world. Every product purchased through the online marketplace is one-of-a-kind due to its tailor-made approach. This makes Zaffori a premier platform in high-end fashion which caters personally to an individual with uniquely customized designer wear. Here’s a tete-a-tete with Gauri Shah, president, Zaffori Ventures.

You are launching an online apparel marketplace called Zaffori. What is it all about?

Zaffori is an online platform that really caters to independent global designers that specialize in made to order/made to measure garments. There are so many incredible talented designers all over the world and Zaffori wants to showcase that talent on a global scale. Oftentimes it’s also hard to find clothes that fit you perfectly and there are times where I wished I could get clothes custom tailor made to my body so that it would fit perfectly and so with a made-to-order/made-to-measure model we really aim to solve that issue.

The name Zaffori sounds unique. Is there a story behind it?

There is actually no story behind the name, for some reason I really wanted the first letter to be ‘Z’ and I was talking to a family member of mine and we were just throwing names back and forth and they said “Zaffori” and it immediately clicked, I loved it, and I was like ‘that’s it, this is the name.’

Compared to other marketplaces online, how different will the Zaffori brand be? What are its salient features?

Zaffori is different from other marketplaces in many different ways, Zaffori focuses predominantly on made to order/made to measure apparel, as each piece on the Zaffori platform is not only uniquely designed but is specially made by the designer when an order comes in. With e-commerce shopping, since you don’t have the option of trying the clothes on physically, it can be hard to know whether an item you purchase will fit perfectly. With Zaffori’s model each piece of garment will be made exactly according to your measurements to eliminate that issue.

Since this is about customized designer wear online, will it have a lengthy process of shopping? Or do you have any concepts of ease of doing business?

The process of shopping for customers on the Zaffori platform is made to be very easy. If you see an item you like, you click on it, then click on the “made to measure” icon, a form will pop up and you simply input all your measurements and then add the item to your cart and that’s it! Zaffori handles all shipping and all customer queries, so if the customer has any questions or concerns, our team is the point of contact.

What are the advantages fashion designers around the world can expect from Zaffori?

Zaffori’s goal is to make the ease of doing business as easy as possible for the designers, so with that being said, Zaffori handles all aspects of communication with the customers, Zaffori handles all shipping, Zaffori has a fulfillment center located in New York giving designers immediate presence in the US, there is no listing or sign up fee, and the Zaffori platform uses great innovative technology to enhance the platform to make it more and more user friendly.

What about delivery of the products to customers? How do you plan to make that speedy and reliable?

Zaffori handles all shipping and handling through the Zaffori Fulfillment Center based in New York City. At the fulfillment center, our team carefully handles each package received from the designer and places the product into Zaffori’s premium packaging for which it is to be shipped anywhere across the globe at Zaffori’s cost. Since our fulfillment center is located in New York this will ease the shipping process and time for both our customers and designers, as the fulfillment center is located in a city with great connectivity. This will reduce shipping time for customer orders and allow for a more efficient flow compared to a dropshipping model.

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