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Being a digital marketing manager helped me become a blogger: Farha



In the peak years of career, when everyone seeks stability and bank balance in their lives, Farha quit her digital marketing job to savour the taste of blogging.

Since then there is no looking back for her and she reveals how she decided the name of the blog, how things changed after becoming a mother, challenges she faces and much more:

Describe how did you first get into influencer blogging?

Farha: I’ve worked very closely in the digital space ever since digital marketing was very new in India. I’ve worked as a digital marketing manager with two MNCs in my corporate tenure of 8 years. Over the years, I learned how influential this space is and how constructively it can be used. Since I’m a “People’s Person” and love interacting with people, be it virtual or real, I knew the digital space was my calling. I started influencer blogging after I quit my full-time corporate job. I now am building a brand for myself as I did for corporates previously.

How did you decide on what to name your blog?

Farha: My only criteria to decide on a blog name was that the name should have a positive connotation and should spread positive vibes.

The ideology behind my blog name “Mumfiesta” is MUM, of course, means Mom and FIESTA represents the celebration associated with being one.

‘MUMFIESTA’ represents my perception of motherhood and the joys associated with it. Of course, I highlight the non-fiesta moments as well on my blog but the joys of motherhood far exceed the lows. Hence the name seems just right for the journey I’ve set on.

What is the most challenging aspect of being a mommy blogger?

Farha: The most challenging aspect for me is time management. Though I’ve had to multitask so much more while I was working in the corporate. This experience is completely different. Each day here is different, right from work to baby demands to the chores. Sometimes I’m able to adhere to my plans to the T, and sometimes I’m not able to work out even 10% of my to-do-list. Thankfully I’m able to pull off everything because of the strong support system I have back home.

What major changes have come into your life after being a mom?

Farha: After completing my MBA, I started working with an MNC in marketing. The corporate world is all I knew and was comfortable with. Since I am very career-oriented, work was my only priority. I knew that I had to give it my very best and I did.

When we planned our baby, my priorities changed. There was someone else I had to nurture apart from work. I quit my job to give more time to family and my little one. As I was already acclimatized with the digital world I started my blog to document the little snippets of motherhood and lifestyle. 

I factor my baby in every decision of mine. In fact, most plans revolve around her, my blog too! 

With this I would like to add that though life has taken a 360-degree turn, I love the new aspect and am using it constructively to build a brand and space of my own. Despite all the hurdles, each one of us moms can work towards achieving our goals. I’ve also come to realise that motherhood is my strength!

Why do you follow a particular pattern for your Instagram posting?

Farha: I’ve done a lot of research to understand online trends, consumption patterns, and consumer behaviour online. The best time to post depends on the kind of content one creates. For me particularly, I’ve tested different times and have found that engagement and reach is the highest in the evenings for me. Hence I prefer to post in the evening to ensure that my content reaches a number of people.

Is blogging your profession or just a hobby?

Farha: It’s my hobby turned into a profession. As I mentioned, I love interacting with people and this is a space which keeps me updated with new market trends, professionals of different genres, individuals from different parts of the world, moms who share honest motherhood snippet, it also helps me get closer to fashion trends. I love creating content which keeps me connected to my audience. My passion keeps me motivated to do better each passing day.

Do you collaboration with brands/products for promotional activities?

Farha: Yes, I love associating with brands and reviewing them on my blog. I feel honoured to introduce brands to my audience. Blogging is a great platform and I have seen brands build themselves due to influencer marketing. While I say so, I do a background check of the brands before associating with them and recommend brands that have genuinely worked well for me or my baby. “Influencer” – the word comes with a lot of responsibility, and I do my bit to ensure that I do justice to it.

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