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Being a young entrepreneur comes with its own set of challenges: Devashree Sanghvi



TheCrazyIndianFoodie was started 4.5 years by Devashree, who knew that food and travel were the only aspects she wanted to give her life to! Today she is one of the finest influencers who setting herself as an example to those who want to follow their passion. In a close conversation with Devashree, let’s know more about her channel –

What do you love about your work the most?

Devashree: The fact that I can live my dream of trying new cuisines, exploring beautiful places and meeting new people everyday is what I love about my job the most. I’ve always been extremely passionate about food and travel and using that passion I’ve built my blog to be one of Mumbai’s leading platforms for the same with over 330k+ followers across social media on Thecrazyindianfoodie.

Since when are blogging? Share some insights about your journey with us?

Devashree: I started Thecrazyindianfoodie 4.5 years ago way back in 2015. I was a law student then but also really loved exploring new places and spent a lot of time going around Mumbai to try the latest street food, new restaurants and more. In those days there were barely any influencers as we see now so the whole thing was very new to me. I started this out of sheer passion and I took a solo trip to the USA which further strengthened my resolve to start Thecrazyindianfoodie. The trip really opened up my mind to incredible food and the fact that this is something I wanted to write about seriously.

Over the years, I was balancing law school and the blog which was growing incredibly (albeit after a lot of self research, hard work and consistent content creation). In 2017, I finished my degree and got a job as an associate at a big law firm. This is when things got very difficult to manage and I decided to take a break and see how blogging full time goes. There’s been no looking back since then and I’ve put all my energy and focus into Thecrazyindianfoodie.

You are into so many things as a part of your blog. Which one of these is you most comfortable with? Why?

Devashree: I would disagree with being into so many things. I’m mainly into Food and Travel and both of them are my focus. Those further go into vertices like street food, recipes, hotels, destinations, events and more and you’ll always see a great mix of engaging videos and posts on Thecrazyindianfoodie. I’m extremely passionate about the two and that reflects in our work too. I work with the top tourism boards, hospitality companies, F&B brands and more and have travelled to over 25 countries, worked with 80+ global hotels and 500+ other F&B brands so far.

Being indulged in so many things at a time, what kind of challenges do you face in day-to-day life?

Devashree: Being a young entrepreneur comes with its own set of challenges everyday. Since I don’t have a media or photography background, I’m constantly educating myself on latest social media trends, technical things like adwords, photography equipment, editing apps and more. We have a small team of professionals to help out with that but I make sure I learn and implement these skills in my field of work.

I believe that hard work in the end does pay off, so you learn to overcome challenges eventually.

What is new on your menu for 2020?

Devashree: Lots of travel, more and more street food videos, producing higher, better quality content, expanding our website into an app soon, curating customised travel and dining experiences and so much more.

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