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Being couple bloggers we can share workloads: Sandy & Vyjay



Having travel, experience, and share as their motto on Voyager, Sandy & Vyjay are one of the top travel bloggers in India based out of Bangalore, India.

The couple quit corporate careers to follow their twin passions of Traveling and Writing. In their blogs, they share Destination stories, travel tips, reviews, and opinions.

Sandy & Vyjay talk to QNA and share the insights of their journey, places they like to visit, challenges they face, plans of 2020, and much more:

When did your blogging journey start? How did you plan/ shortlist what all you will do?

Sandy & Vyjay: We started blogging about 4 years ago, though we had been travelling much before that. Initially, things just fell into place. We had started blogging more as a hobby, as a platform to share out travel stories. However, it soon developed into a full-time passion. So essentially, we chose to focus on content, as after all “content is king” combined with SEO and social media promotion. We also took great care to ensure that our travel stories were based on personal and immersive experiences.

What kind of places do you both like to visit? Was there any kind of disagreement while finalising the places to cover?

Sandy & Vyjay: We are always open to all kinds of destinations. Our favourites though are places that showcase the beauty of nature, places that resonate with history and culture, and places that are off the beaten path. We have not had any disagreements about places to be covered as both of us are on the same page here.

Being a couple blogger, what kind of challenges do you face? How do you deal with them?

Sandy & Vyjay: There are no special challenges that we face as couple bloggers. The challenges of travel are similar to solo or any other kind of travel. In fact, being couple bloggers comes with its own advantages. We can work as a team and share workloads and responsibilities.

What is your travel mantra? How do you maintain your blog?

Sandy & Vyjay: Travel is life for us now. Of course, travel coupled with writing are our twin passions. We are very fastidious of the quality and frequency of content on our blog and ensure that it is constantly updated, which means we work on the go, most times.

How frequently do you try to travel?

Sandy & Vyjay: We have been travelling each and every month last year. That is what our goal for this year is too.

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