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Blogging has been replaced with Instagramming: Sneha Jain



Juggling between lifestyle, travelling, and mom blogging all at once, Sneha Jain’s passion for writing her presenting her thoughts to the world helped her to start blogging.

In an interesting conversation with QNA, Sneha reveals how she manages everything all at once, which of all the genres is her favourite, key to her blogging, and much more:

How do you manage lifestyle, travel, and mom blogging all at once? Is there any secret?

Sneha Jain: According to me, when you love something from the core of your heart, you somehow manage to do it. When I started blogging, I wasn’t even bothered about the technical terms of blogging. Whatever content I was writing on my blog was completely my own experience. Talking about travelling, I have always cherished the fact of visiting a lot of places, indulging in their culture and living your life to the fullest. I have been traveling with my husband and an 8-year-old daughter, Angel. And to top it all, I have been travelling with my bump baby too during my first trimester. We did our babymoon in Europe.

I never thought these things are a hindrance in seeking the things that I love most, i.e., travelling. While travelling, I learned a lot more about myself and explored a different dimension of my parenting towards Angel. I always liked the idea of sharing my experience with just an internet connection. So, that’s why I tend to share my own experience related to lifestyle, travel, and parenting all in one.

To sum it up, I think you will never find an excuse if you are passionate about something. The secret to being a mommy blogger is consistency and being completely transparent with my viewers and followers.

Which one is your ‘most’ favorite among these?

Sneha Jain: I completely love writing about travelling, parenting, and lifestyle. But, if you ask me to choose one, I love writing about parenting and travelling. I have a series of parenting while travelling on my blog. It explains how to make your child travel-friendly. Because I have heard a lot of parents complain about the nagging of their child while travelling. So, I have found out certain hacks or tips that have helped my daughter to fit in difficult situations.

I have learned a lot of things while taking care of my daughter and I love to share about those hacks with my viewers. But, on a personal note, I love to write about new places, new experiences and new journeys that would encourage other people to travel as many places as they want.

What kind of changes have you witnessed in the blogging world since the time you started?

Sneha Jain: I started blogging at the end of the year 2016 and initiated influencing in the year of 2012. I have been blogging for the last 8 years and to be honest, I have witnessed a lot of changes. Back then, it wasn’t even considered as a proper profession but now, everyone is aware of the merits of influencer marketing, it has helped to shape it as a profession.

Initially, when I started influencing marketing, we might not be able to get a lot of engagement, but whatever engagement was there, it was 100% genuine. And, if I talk about the current scenario, the meaning of influencer marketing has completely changed. Rather than influencing the people about the important topics and current scenarios, influencers are depicting a different or to be precise, high-end lifestyle that is not feasible and affordable by everyone in the country.

And people are getting influenced by this. They are enticed with this high-end luxurious lifestyle. So, I think influencers should be transparent about their lives rather than overshadowing it with a luxurious lifestyle. Agency before and now is the same but people working inside have changed the face of influencer marketing. They look at numbers and fake engagements. In my early days, it was never a competitive world at all, all influencer used to help each other. Blogging has been replaced with Instagramming. There are people who don’t understand SEO but call them as a blogger. “Blogging was synonymous to reality but now it is completely a fake picture”.

What is the key to your blogging? Any specific thing you follow throughout?

Sneha Jain: The key to my blogging is to be as transparent and relatable as I can. I try to share my real-life experience with my viewers and followers. A lot of parents are unable to travel with their kids and it is impossible, but I have proven them wrong. I know, it is really difficult but not impossible.

Also, I tend to share what exactly I have been through during certain periods and share my complete stories with my viewers. I have learned a lot of things from my mistakes and I want them to learn from my mistakes so that they don’t make their own.

If you are real with your followers and sharing something worth spending time, they will come back to your blog!

Is there anything new you are going to try in 2020?

Sneha Jain: The newest thing that I will be trying out in 2020, is to travel with my 2 kids. Currently, I am expecting a baby and I would love to travel with my two babies. I want to show that traveling with kids is completely accessible, either you travelling with a toddler or a teenager.

This year is going to be exciting for me. Because of a new roller coaster ride of parenting and many more adventures for this year!

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