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Blogging is fun but a big responsibility: Ruchie Verma



With a reach of over 20k followers on Instagram, Ruchie Verma is a mom and lifestyle blogger who realised her calling after she became a mother. Let’s see what her take is on collaborations, her aim behind blogging, how has blogging changed her life and much more:

How did you get into blogging?

Ruchie: I quit my job to take care of my daughter at home. And even after giving my whole to household, I felt something was bothering me and that was clearly sitting ideal. I thought that I had so much to talk about and share my views and then my husband suggested to start a blog and share whatever knowledge I had with others.

So, I started my blog but my aim was little twisted as when I started sharing my knowledge the responses were more overwhelming, I learned so much from that and then in a real sense, I learned the meaning which my mom always said “Share knowledge to gain knowledge” and so my blog is all about my journey of learning and it’s still on.

What is generally your aim as a blogger – post content or increase followers?

Ruchie: I really love writing and on my blog, I just love posting the RIGHT content. I believe in the thumb rule that content is the king and if you have the right content, you will automatically get followers!!

How do you think collaborations help in the blogging industry?

Ruchie: Collaboration really helps and with monetary help a lot to stand financially independent. We, as a blogger should understand the responsibility we have. Having followers we should be more vigilant on what we are sharing and with which brand we are collaborating. It’s a new era and new approach of marketing for brands to promote, but we as bloggers need to collaborate only when we really believe in it.

How does it feel winning so many awards? How have these awards helped you reach more audiences and grow your blog?

Ruchie: Who doesn’t love getting appreciated? I feel blessed and honoured with these shining feathers in my cap. Yes, these awards really helped me to reach more and more people and my blog is definitely growing with these feathers.

How has lifestyle blogging changed your life’s style?

Ruchie: It changed a lot. I am so much learning every day. I feel lost and alone if one day I don’t open my blog, I feel more responsible as blogging is fun but along with fun, it is a really responsible job!!

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