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Brand collaboration plays a vital role when it comes to blogging: Thomson Sequeira



Beginning his blogging career with one trip, Thomson has now become a known name in the influencer industry. He likes to talk about fashion and travel in his blog posts and believes that if one does what he or she wants to, they should do it passionately, and success may follow.

Let’s see what Thomson has to share about his journey, preferences, thoughts on collaborations, advice, etc.

How did you first get into Instagram blogging?

Thomson: Travelling played a major role in shaping my journey of becoming a good Instagram influencer. It was when people started appreciating my pictures, I realised I can really do some cool and unique content, wherein I inspire people to do amazing stuff on Instagram.

And in order to take this forward, I quit my job and left for an adventure trip. Since then, it was never looking back. For me, it is basically doing what you love and do it passionately. Success will run towards you. 

If you have to choose one, what will you choose between Travel or Fashion blogging?

Thomson: My page consists of both fashion and travel blogs. Although, travel is something which boosted my work profile in the initial days, so I will pick travel any day. Picking adventures and setting a new goal on Instagram has been my motive since the beginning. Flying and jumping pictures are my signature style shots. Current perspective is to set different backgrounds and make the feed look visually pleasing. 

Do you collaboration with brands/products for promotional activities?

Thomson: Yes! I personally feel that brand collaborations play a vital role when it comes to blogging, as we get to feature amazing brands on our feed with the creativity and concepts that match the look and feel of the brand. Reposts and brand features add a motivating factor to our work. Also, it’s the primary source of income, which helps us to create more content with the gained capital. 

Do you think Instagram (or any other social handle) verification helps getting better deals and audience?

Thomson: Social media verification turns influencers into celebrity influencers. So, it definitely helps to grab bigger brands and better deals. My current focus is to continue doing out of the box content and pick the best influencer awards in the industry. Your google value plays a major role than social media verification.

My Content frequency is one post per day or alternate days. Timing is something about which I am particular. I generally post between 6 – 8 pm, I feel this is the time when I get maximum engagement. According to my audience, content is something which creates an impact and engagement is high on the basis of something unique or what stands out. Posting regular content is important as the Instagram algorithm keeps changing and using the right hashtags is clearly the perfect strategy. Create new unique hashtags as your post stays on top and location-based hashtags create a major impact when brands are searching for certain location bloggers. 

A lot of people think that influencer blogging is an easy way to make money online. Do you have some tips for those people who are interested in making money from the blog?

Thomson: Making money as an influencer is more challenging than anything else. It’s important to get organised first and then take baby steps. Content is key and everything else follows. First, create certain content for the brands to notice your work secondly do look for references from the ones who are doing good work in the industry. Keep the bio very neat and professional. Using good copy and hashtags will definitely get you good growth. Recreating content from other influencers can inspire people to take influencer marketing seriously. It’s basically what we are influencing people to use this platform in a unique way. 

Would you encourage other people to make their blog for passion or as profession?

Thomson: As an influencer who is in it for both aspects, I would recommend people to take it up as a passion more than a profession. Something that’s done passionately will account for more interest than just professionally. And your profession can almost always follow your passion, so passion would be a safer bet to start with.

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