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Collaborating with Influencers is a critical component of marketing mix: Surbhi Chanana



Running a blog with the name of Urban Utopia, Surbhi Chanana is a social media influencer and blogger who tries to cover many topics in her blogs.

In a conversation with QNA, Surbhi reveals how she started, how she chose the name, her idea of collaborations, and much more:

What was your idea behind starting the blog?

Surbhi Chanana: Since my formative working years were spent in a public relations profile, I gathered that a lot of brands increasingly required and deserved credible platforms where they could highlight their products and services to a discerning audience. This is where I felt my passion could meet opportunity. With Travel & Fashion being my primary movers, I launched Urban Utopia in January 2018.

How did you choose the name for your blog?

Surbhi Chanana: Since we were looking to cover everything chic & slick, which is largely an urban phenomenon and transports you to a Utopian world, the amalgamation of both these occurrences led to the genesis of our title – Urban Utopia.

It’s a platform which covers and reviews everything that’s Urban and exudes a lifestyle that is aspirational and desirable. Urban Utopia features Fashion & Fitness, F&B, Travel & Hospitality, Gadgets & Automobile and Home Decor & Beauty Products.

You have been pretty active on the collaboration front. Any specific reason?

Surbhi Chanana: Collaboration is a very effective methodology of the blogging fraternity.

Brand Collaboration are symbiotic relationships which provide both, the brand and the Influencer adequate opportunity to put their message across.

Today, collaborating with Influencers has become a very critical component of the marketing mix. The ROI for a brand is very high in a collaboration model and also provides valuable credibility to the product/service.

Apart from collaboration, what helps a blogger expand his/her reach?

Surbhi Chanana: Creative and relatable content for your audience is a great way to attract eyeballs. Photography, presentation and the art of storytelling are the key factors to be able to expand and sustain the interest of your followers.

Using the right hashtags, Instagram Ads, following and engaging on similar profiles also, help in expanding the reach.

What specific techniques do you use to indulge with your readers more?

Surbhi Chanana: My attempt is to ensure that my followers/readers become an integral part of the brand journey. If my audience finds the right mix of brand information and appeal, then the purpose is adequately served.

Some of the techniques used to achieve the above mentioned would be immersive photography, sharp messaging, consumer contests, current trends and presenting all things topical.

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