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Diljaan Sayyed: All about fashion and styling



Taking pictures of others is what inspired Diljaan Sayyed to start his own Instagram account as a social media influencer. Currently only focussing on fashion and styling, Diljaan talks to QNA and shares what is he thinking for the future as well.

At what point did you think you want to be a social media influencer?

Diljaan Sayyed: It was when I started using Instagram, people started asking me to take their pictures and record videos. Only then it struck me, why don’t I become a social media influencer.

How does modelling helps to be an influencer or vice versa?

Diljaan Sayyed: We as influencers on social media are given a great number of opportunities by the brands. So, when it is about collaboration with them, we automatically play both roles – model and influencer.

According to you what role does ‘verification’ play in an Instagrammer’s life?

Diljaan Sayyed: It plays a very important role on Instagram as people can easily identify our accounts. Also, it helps us in brand promotions too – there is more trust and we get paid more.

Do you believe in collaborations, how do they help you build your following?

Diljaan Sayyed: First of all, as an influencer, I don’t believe in collaboration with other Instagrammers because I think it doesn’t help our profile in a longer run. But yes, brand collaborations help us and our profiles to grow.

Apart from fashion, what all are you thinking about doing in your blogs?

Diljaan Sayyed: Fashion and styling are my top most priorities for the content. Apart from that, I sure am looking forward to indulging myself in fitness. I see that with age the body gets weak and needs support, therefore, I am preparing myself for a healthier future.

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