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Doing 150 stories a day makes you a cheerleader, not an Influencer: Arijit Choudhury



It was when Arijit Choudhury started going in some social gatherings wherein people were all giggling and faking their interests, he thought to turn his skill of writing into something meaningful. Starting a blog in 2014, Arijit has come a long way as a blogger and influencer. Let’s read what all unique perspective he has to share about blogging, content, blogging as a tool to make money.

What inspired you to start your blog?

Arijit: I started my blog 5 years ago in November 2014. I was always a writer and loved reading editorials and opinion based articles. I attended a lot of social dos, and most people out there are pretentious and lacked genuineness. I was intrigued to write about these qualities and turn those hollow conversations into something sustainable and tangible; something to withstand the test of time. I wanted people to be entertained by the information I have to share and I felt there was a lot more to say than just small talks at parties. It was time to start my conversation with myself which would end up being my voice, avenue, and to some extent my identity in the years to come.

Can you tell me some of your strengths that really helped you in influencer blogging?

Arijit: I do not fear consequences, and I am born with a natural filter to people and what they have to say (about me), which in turn makes me agile, flexible, unpredictable, and very bold according to most. I try and squeeze the best out these attributes and turn my strengths into my power to render a voice that will guide the confused or the ignorant to a direction indicated by my choices. My opinion started getting recognized first among the voiceless and later in a wider network, and I found success in Influencer marketing.

Do you think Instagram (or any other social handle) verification helps to get better deals and audience?

Arijit: I do not understand verification unless you are the victim of fake profile creation and identity theft. Verification was created with the need to determine a genuine identity-famous or otherwise. But too much stress by the media and PR has led to the false impetus on verified profiles to validate authenticity. If you have one profile and no fake accounts, your voice is still authentic. Unless you think you are Priyanka Chopra, and everything you do or say should become a “Trend” in your mindless utopia! To answer your question, I know it is a key factor to brands and PR but is just a bubble that SHOULD fizz out with time. Deals-Yes, Audience-No!

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you first started Instagram blogging?

Arijit: I wish I knew the importance of Hashtags back then. I was barely using them, and always wondered what happened to my followers and likes?

What is your content frequency? And how important is it to create regular content?

Arijit: I post anything between 3-5 times a week. I feel it is important to value and appreciate your own personal space so that not to make it too obvious and accessible to your audience. Doing 150 stories in a day makes you a cheerleader, definitely not an Influencer!

It is very important to create regular content because people would want to know the direction you are heading. But make sure you think before posting- “Do my followers really care what OOTD I am wearing or where I am having my morning coffee?” Post regularly, but in moderation. You will end up being just annoying otherwise!

A lot of people think that influencer blogging is an easy way to make money online. Do you have some tips for those people who are interested in making money from the blog?

Arijit: Making money online needs one to be observant, trend analytics, and Smart. There is no easy way to make money. It is as much hard work as any other job.

In order to make money from your blog, focus on the following 3 key points:

  • Content and Focus: It is very important to know and understand what your audience is seeking. Cater to their search without losing your individuality in it.
  • SEO:  Invest in your blog’s SEO to make sure people can find you online easily. Practice Keyword Specific writing and always be on the lookout for new ways to generate traffic like Google Ads and backlinks.
  • Frequency of Post: Make sure to post frequently to keep the traffic inflow to your blog. Post at least once a week to stay relevant. A blog with good traffic attracts better remuneration for guest posts and sponsored posts.

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