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Dreams should have a purpose: Stefy Gupta



Dreaming of becoming Miss India since her childhood, Stefy Gupta, a 26-year-old young Delhi based Fashion and Social Media enthusiast likes to talk about makeup, fashion, and life in her blogs. In an interview, she opens up about how she got into blogging, thoughts about choosing fashion as a career, future plans, and a lot more.

How did you know that what wanted to be an influencer?

Stefy: Since my childhood, I had always dreamt of becoming Miss India, but because of the conservative family and society, I could never actually work on my dream so eventually I stopped thinking about it. After achieving this much in career, after establishing a name for self, I feel society doesn’t stand with you rather it’s just you who loves you and can help you to get better and fight with the world. I always wanted every girl should be bold and beautiful, no matter who she is and where she is born. That’s what my blog says “STAND GORGEOUS”

Since there are many ‘so called’ influencers around, what factor do you believe differentiates them from the real influencers like you?

Stefy: I want to keep that feeling of being real and alive as I believe if you want to influence someone, you have to be real first. Not everyone can copy celebrities, so they follow influencers who guide them well about any category be it fashion, food or travel.

If you really have that passion and aren’t afraid to tell the world about it, you are a true influencer.

Your Instagram is filled with pictures in such beautiful attires; everything has an edge to it. Have you ever thought of working in the fashion industry? 

Stefy: I have curated my own brand in a very beautiful and pocket friendly manner for every girl who loves ethnic and loves wearing the same. Being an influencer, you should also know how to work in less budget or to make mix and match of the fabric. Therefore, I named my brand as “yufta” .Why to work for someone else’s’ dreams if you are passionate about yours?

What’s one thing about social media that is counted in pros and cons both?

Stefy: Social media has made connections so easy that we can sit at any space out there and tell how do we curate this or how to do we reach out to our target audience. But eventually there are many cons like image theft as in some people can steal professional images posted on Instagram for their own gains without consent and even some people use negative comments or abusive language. This really hurts because it sometimes seems like freedom is taken for granted.

Do you plan on extending this page of yours as a brand? Or is this it?

Stefy: No, every dream should not just to be a dream, but should have a purpose and a strong goal with the bigger vision .So, I always keep my “WHY” alive and that’s what keep me going as I have already quit my corporate career not to die small.

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