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I have my own style: Deepika Butola



Having 429k followers on Instagram presently, Deepika Butola is a social media influencer who mainly engages in fashion and lifestyle.

Let’s see what Deepika has to share about her Instagram content, collaborations, what is her hobby, and much more:

What kind of content do you make on your blog and Instagram?

Deepika Butola: I and my Instagram are mainly about Fashion and Lifestyle. I love experimenting and styling, therefore that is what I thought I should take forward in my life.

How do you think Instagram has made an Influencer’s work easier?

Deepika Butola: I think when there were only blogs, people having their blogs or the ones interested in them used to read what the bloggers wrote. But on social media apps like Instagram, everyone can see everyone, therefore, the visibility is there and it helps us grow the audience.

How important are collaborations? What kind of collaborations do you indulge in?

Deepika Butola: As an influencer and lifestyle blogger, collaborations are an important part of life, they help us grow our reach and experiment with the content. I mainly indulge in brand collaborations related to fashion and lifestyle, through which I can give the right information to my audience and followers.

What do you like to do in your free time? How does it help your blog?

Deepika Butola: When I am not working on anything, I just like to sit back and listen to music.

From where do you get the ideas of creating the content? Have you ever liked any blogger’s content so much that you wanted to execute it too? Explain.

Deepika Butola: All the ideas are my own, I love experimenting and styling my own self, so I execute whatever I think is good. I have my own style and I do whatever suits my personality best.

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