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I like to keep it real: Devangini Karkhanis



“I believe that Fashion is an expression of my inner voice and these are so many shades to my personality. Trends may come and go but your style is all about your persona and it’s absolutely quintessential,” says Devangini Karkhanis. She is a blogger who truly believes in voicing her take on fashion.

In an interview with QNA, Devangini talks about the struggle of posting unique content, frequency of posting content, the motive behind blogging, and much more.

Why fashion blogging? In the time when every next blogger deals with fashion, how do you keep your content unique?

Devangini: I believe that fashion is an expression of my inner voice and these are so many shades to my personality. Trends may come and go, but your style is all about your persona and it’s absolutely quintessential. My philosophy of fashion is it being approachable, warm and easy to follow for mostly the young college-going and office going girls who follow me.

I keep it unique by experimenting with fashion yet not making it outlandish. I like to keep it real. Once one of the girls, who follows me said ‘I love your work because when I see myself in the mirror and I see your styles, I’m like yeah I can pull that off too!’ Though it is a simple feedback, I find it really a way of how they connect with me. It’s empowering. That’s how I feel I make a unique place for myself.

At what frequency do you post your content?

Devangini: I post every day and sometimes twice a day too. With the new algorithm, I think it’s really important to be at the top of the mind recall and right on their feed. Consistency is the key here and what sets you apart is also the quality. It’s not just about being frequent but also being fresh at the same time.

Other than sharing your content with people, what is the motive behind blogging?

Devangini: Fashion has always been something close to my heart and exploring unique styles accessible for all was always on my mind. I was really inspired by ‘Ashley aka best dressed’ and Komal Pandey’s inspirational work. That really shaped the way I looked at fashion, lifestyle, and fitness.  I have been writing and following my passion for blogging for about 2 years now and it’s been a very creative, insightful and fun journey ever since. I decided to build a feed of relatable content that will be welcoming and enjoyable, both visually, and with captions that are catchy!

My motive is clearly to empower young women and break stereotypes that the world has set. You can’t do this or you can’t wear that. It’s just such a creative field and unwinding oneself is key.

Are collaborations an important part of your blogs? Why? Which is your favourite collaboration to date?

Devangini: Yes, they are! I believe that content creators and brands coming together is sheer magic if the rapport and creative energy match together as creators get a big platform to showcase their work when they blend with a brand idea. I also feel from the financial perspective, working with brands and balancing conceptual work too is so important. It’s key to growing.

The strategy is to strike a balance always and plan the boots in advance. The key is always great and genuine engagement from people who love to follow and share it. Picking the right TG to promote is also equally important.

My favorite collaboration was one I currently did with Westside and there’s one really interesting one coming up soon with a big brand.

What is your ‘expansion’ plan of 2020? What are the things you want to try other than just fashion?

Devangini: It’s a very open canvas. I do dabble in fitness, health, lifestyle, humour and also beauty. I’m looking at acing the make-up videos I do because they are receiving a good response. I need to hone video making skills. I think quick make-up that enhances your beauty and makes you feel confident is a great area for content creation. So, I am thinking of doing more of that and sharing genuine natural beauty tips that I believe in with my audience. Also, working with more travel brands of repute is on my 2020 list. Travel content is definitely on my list too.

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