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I like to understand what my audience needs: Erica Singh



From applying red lipstick for the first time at the age of 7, and practicing makeup regularly at home during college days, Erica Singh started putting out her words in front of the world when there was no Instagram at all.

The Founder of ‘Eleganza Official’, Erica talks to QNA about her journey as a blogger, the turning point of her life, collaborations, marketing strategies, and much more:

How and when did you start blogging? Describe your journey?

Erica Singh: I started blogging when there was no Instagram at all. Being passionate about makeup since childhood, I applied my first red lipstick when I was only 7. Afterward, when I started college, I used to come back and practice doing makeup in front of the mirror. It was my favourite thing to do in my free time. One day while randomly scrolling through Facebook, I saw a post in which a blog owner shared that she was looking for writers for her beauty blog.

As I always had a keen interest in talking about makeup, I applied for it and my first article was a hit. Since then, there was no looking back. I wrote a lot of articles for many blogs back then and finally had the urge to start my own blog in the year 2016. And that’s when ‘Eleganza Official’ was born.

What kind of content do you deal with?

Erica Singh: I mainly write about beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. I love travelling so I also cover that sometimes. Apart from all this, I like to post motivational quotes daily on my Instagram stories, hoping to motivate someone.

As a blogger, how important are collaborations for you? Which is your favourite collaboration to date?

Erica Singh: Blogging and collaborations go hand in hand. So initially, I used to get a lot of barter deals that I agreed to do as the primary motive was to build good content for my audience.

I have observed that people reading beauty blogs always want to know more about new brands and products in the market. Though it is not feasible to purchase every new product, it’s great that brands send us their new launches.

My favourite collaboration so far has been the Paytm campaign, which came with the message that anyone can look great with good styling and smart shopping. You don’t need to buy expensive things to look good.

What marketing strategy do you follow in your blog?

Erica Singh: For me, what my audience wants to read is important, so in order to know that I keep asking QNA’s on Instagram stories. Other than that, I check my Instagram Insights to know which post is doing better and what caught their attention.

I regularly make notes of the mail request and DM request on days when I run out of ideas for creating content. I have a planner app which helps me schedule posts and keep on track. I believe consistency is the key and I make sure that I post daily on Instagram and at least once a week on my blog. I keep a check on trending blog topics and also promote my post in FB groups so that it reaches the right audience.

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