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I would still choose this life over anything: Sana on being a travel blogger



Having travelled extensively as a child, and further developing an interest in writing her experiences, Sana chose travel blogging as her full-time career.

The blogger talks about hoe besides all odds, she is happy with what she is doing right now and what she thinks about saving money, best place to travel solo, and a lot more:

What do you love about your work the most?

Sana: Meeting new people, trying new cuisines, experiencing different cultures, travelling around the globe and lastly having the opportunity to be my own boss.

According to you, which is one of the best cities for traveling solo?

Sana: London and New York for sure, as every corner is overwhelming and you have so much to eat, see and explore. Solo travelling around these cities is intriguing as you meet other individuals along the way which is pretty interesting.

How did you get into blogging field?

Sana: I travelled quite a bit as a child and writing about my experiences was something which came naturally to me and this later turned into my hobby, which made me start my blog

Do you believe it is okay for people to invest more in traveling rather than saving up for real?

Sana: It completely depends on the person’s priorities, if you like to know more about different people, their thinking and experience this wanderlust life this is something you should definitely do but if you like to save up for a goal or have a different ambition, even that’s completely justified.

Your routine is nothing like ordinary people since you travel extensively. Please tell us about that.

Sana: I travel for a living and do this full time just like any other jobs, it has its ups and downs. At times, I have to travel alone to create content, ask strangers to take my pictures or in a middle of a busy area set up my tripod but all these issues are nothing compared to wonderful experiences I have. While travelling so extensively, I have even discovered myself which is the best blessing ever. While I travel, I have to stay away from my family, mingle with strangers, stay up late to create guides and get my SEO up but I would still choose this life over anything.

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