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Instagram interview with Riya Kishanchandani



Instagram, being the most popular social media platform these days has a major audience of youth. Let’s see what the popular Tik-Tok Riya Kishanchandani has to share in #KnowMyInstagram with QNA.

What is your favourite thing about your Instagram profile?

Riya Kishanchandani: All my pictures from my UAE trip

Do you feel the pressure of posting on Instagram daily?

Riya Kishanchandani: Yes, I am very much pressurised about posting pictures and being up to date on Instagram daily.

How many posts do you share on a daily basis?

Riya Kishanchandani: One picture after every 2 days

How often do you go live on Instagram?

Riya Kishanchandani: I go live very rare

Do you write all your captions on your own?

Riya Kishanchandani: Yes

Do you revert to fans personally on DM or comments?

Riya Kishanchandani: Yes, I try to reply them through some post

TikTok Star Riya Kishanchandani - Photo Credit: Instagram @flutter_me_shutters___
TikTok Star Riya Kishanchandani – Photo Credit: Instagram @flutter_me_shutters___

Do you stalk anyone on Instagram?

Riya Kishanchandani: All my favourite actors

What is that one thing that makes Instagram better than any other social media?

Riya Kishanchandani: Instagram just adds life to your pictures and makes you expressive through pictures

Tell us 3 reasons why your Instagram account is important for you?

Riya Kishanchandani:

  • I can be in touch with my friends and fans
  • I like influencing and sharing the right kind of products with my followers and keeping them updated about what I use
  • Instagram also helps me to connect with new people

Do you believe in collaborations on Instagram? What kind of collaborations do you prefer?

Riya Kishanchandani: Yes, I do believe in collaborations. I always prefer collaborations with good brands

Your fans must keep approaching you on Instagram. Is there any funny incident you would like to share?

Riya Kishanchandani: There are so many funny DMs I get from my fans

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