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It is hard to become a genuine blogger because of competition: Megha



Among so many bloggers present in this world, Meghna (Instagram/vougue.inveins), a Kolkata based blogger has made a mark for herself with unique content and different presentations.

While speaking to QNA, she says, “It’s tough to be one genuine blogger or influencer because of the competition.” So let’s see what keeps her moving, how she manages her blog and what advice she has to share with other budding bloggers.

How difficult or easy is it to be a blogger and an Instagram influencer in today’s time?

Megha: In today’s time, if you search for bloggers or influencers, it is way too crowded. But how many of them are true to their work? How many of them are genuine? It is not a part-time job or a hobby. I have learned it in this much time that it is a 24/7 task you have to take up.

I believe it is hard to become a genuine blogger or influencer and to make a concrete impact in this industry because of the competition. 

In the race of keeping followers high, how do you deal with the quality content?

Megha: Well, I have always followed a three C’s concept – Content, Consistency, and creativity. So if anyone is having quality content and the right way to present then people will follow them anyhow. 

Do you believe in collaborations? What kind of collaborations you do generally?

Megha: Of course, I believe in collaborations because I think with becoming a blogger or influencer, there is an own following base. When we collaborate with any brand’s like a win-win situation as we are doing it full time and it helps us to create more content gives us monetary help, and even wider audience to reach to.

Do you have any goals set for 2020?

Megha: In 2020, I want to create more interesting content and associate with some of my favourite designers to reach out to more people.

What is one piece of advice you want to share with people who want to start their blogs?

Megha: Only do it if you are really passionate about it and not just for the sake of free stuff or time pass. I personally feel if we won’t do things wholeheartedly, then we will end up with nothing. If you are getting into blogging, I would suggest patience because in the first one year you need to focus on building community and content then with time people will start reaching out for association.

It is a one-man army, everything is on us. Be hardworking and start wherever you are. Don’t invest so much money on gadgets.

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