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Kate Sharma reveals her Instagram secrets



Kate Sharma

Instagram, being the most popular social media platform these days has a major audience of youth. Let’s see what the popular tv actress Kate Sharma has to share in #KnowMyInstagram with QNA.

What is your favourite thing about your Instagram profile?

Kate Sharma: My fans. I love the way they send their love and beautiful messages every day to remind me that I can achieve whatever I want.

Do you feel the pressure of posting on Instagram daily?

Kate Sharma: Yeah, there was some kind of pressure earlierbut now I feel I should not focus on the quantity but bring out the best for my followers in each post.

How many posts you share on a daily basis?

Kate Sharma: As I said, quantity does not matter to me now. I post1, 2 or maybe nothing at all. But yes, being a public figure and having this sweet audience, I try to post stories daily to update my fans about where I am, what I am doing.

How often do you go live on Instagram?

Kate Sharma: Very rare…. but I love coming live… I get so much love.

Do you write all your captions on your own?

Kate Sharma: I try to….

Do you revert to fans personally on DM or comments?

Kate Sharma: I want to revert everyone, but there are so many in numbers that I am not able to. But I would want to say that I love each one of them, so keep showering your love on me!

Do you stalk anyone on Instagram?

Kate Sharma: I do…

What is that one thing that makes Instagram better than any other social media?

Kate Sharma: It is easy, classy, and famous.

Tell us 3 reasons why your Instagram account is important for you?

Kate Sharma: It’s the hard work of 4 years. I made my account in 2016, the time I started my acting career. So every memory, every struggle, and everything is out there. I feel happy that I have come so far.

So yes day by day, I have learned and got loved by people so it’s very important.

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Do you believe in collaborations on Instagram? What kind of collaborations do you prefer?

Kate Sharma: Collaborations make us earn, so it’ is of course good. Sometimes, I even collaborate without any money because of my love for some brands.

I prefer clothing, accessories, watches, bags, perfumes, and anything.

Your fans must keep approaching you on Instagram. Is there any funny incident you would like to share?

Kate Sharma: Funny incidents occur daily because some of the serious lover boys are also there on Instagram. They keep on texting me to get married to them. So, ‘ghar bethe bethe, shadi waadi ke offers daily aate rehte hain with some comedy scripts’. 

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