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My life has always revolved around food: Vishakha Bhuta



Juggling between her passion for food, travelling and photography all at the same time, Vishakha Bhuta, a blogger and Instagram influencer talks to QNA about her what these things mean to her, how she started blogging, challenges she faces and what is new for 2020… Read on…

You are into so many things as a part of your blog. Which one of these is you most comfortable with? Why?

Vishakha Bhuta: My life has always revolved around food. So definitely I’m most comfortable with food. But travelling is something I’m equally comfortable with because I not only explore a place for its culture and beauty but the main factor is always food. Food and travel are two things that give me happiness. They are my stress buster. I love exploring and trying new things.
Besides, I love photography. So, in short, I’ve smartly combined all my passion into one.

Since when are you blogging? Share some insights about your journey with us?

Vishakha Bhuta: I have been blogging officially for 4 years. Earlier, since I was in China for a really long time, I was unaware of it. I used to post pictures on my personal accounts but never did it professionally. I always wanted a career in food and travel and when I got an opportunity to do so, I grabbed it.

My journey began in China. Since I cooked a lot, explored China’s food a lot and used to keep posting it on my personal Instagram handle and WeChat, I received a lot of appreciation from my friends there.

I started baking cakes, cheesecakes, hosted dinners, etc. I soon made a new Instagram page dedicated to food. I made new friends there, got to know about the Mumbai blogging scene. My page was doing well. One day, I received invitations from people asking me to visit restaurants and review them. That very year, I moved back to Mumbai with my son and accepted this opportunity happily. This is what I always wanted to do. Be a food critic and also travel for food.
But my journey hasn’t been very easy. The way I was unaware of the blogging world before I entered it, so was my family. Initially, they only thought I’m wasting money and time, running away for my responsibilities at home, I’m on my phone all the time and even taunted me many times. It took them a while to understand my work. I have made a lot of sacrifices to reach where I am right now. A lot of dedication and hard work went into it. In the end, it was all worth it because this was like a dream coming true.

Being indulged in so many things at a time, what kind of challenges do you face in day-to-day life?

Vishakha Bhuta: Being a mother, homemaker, and a content creator in different category altogether is quite challenging. A lot of things need my attention all the time and that is why 24 hours seem really less.

Looking after my daily schedule, looking after my son, meeting deadlines of assignments, sometimes attending events and meetings, food reviews, blogs, social media, everything needs to be attended at the same time.

I being the sole proprietor with no team, sometimes get into a lot of stress. But as they say, women are amazing at multitasking, that’s absolutely true in my case. I try to plan my day in advance and find alternate solutions to get things done smoothly. Also, I have a very supportive family and a husband who now completely understands my work and helps me whenever I need it. My mom being most supportive of who looks after my son on weekends when I’m busy at work.

What is new in your menu for 2020?

Vishakha Bhuta: I’m sure 2020 is going to come with a lot of opportunities. It started with a bang, so I’m definitely looking forward to more of it.

I recently partnered with The Grub Fest and curated the masterclass for them for two days. This was a wonderful opportunity and a completely new experience. I learned something new and now looking forward to more such events.
Besides, hoping to work on my YouTube, write more on food and travel and of course make more new recipes.

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