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Our profile brings out ‘real woes’ of travel and lifestyle: Arushi & Chirag



Started in 2016, covering food, travel & lifestyle, Arushi and Chirag together we have worked with major brands like Lotus Professional, Kiko Milano, Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk, Quaker, Pepsi, Nestle Maggie Pazzta, to name a few.

Also, ‘Lifeunwind’, the brainchild of the couple got featured as bloggers in ‘The Way’ a Bangalore based e-Magazine. Let’s see what the duo, which is also an Insider at LBB India has to share about their journey, how being from a digital marketing background helps them, what they think about their profile, and much more:

Did blogging happen to you after marriage?

Arushi and Chirag: We’ve been running this blog since 2016, which was 3 years prior to our marriage but we started it together with Arushi giving more time to the blog initially and Chirag being a part of the campaigns at a little later stage.

How did you come up with the name for your blog? Did you ask any of your friends or family for the suggestions?

Arushi and Chirag: We wanted to give our blog a name that was quirky, covered all aspects of life and at the same time sending across a message with regards to what all one can do for unwinding from the daily chores in life. We asked our friends and family for helping us zero down on one name out of the many we had in mind.

How does digital marketing background help you in blogging?

Arushi and Chirag: As we all know that effective blogging is a part of the overall digital marketing strategy, with Arushi having a background of Digital Marketing, it helps us in short listing what brand campaigns should we be a part of and we also give suggestions on content creation, keeping in mind what could possibly help in drawing a consumer back and consumer interaction whenever asked for by the brand.

On an average, how many posts, stories, etc do you share on daily basis?

Arushi and Chirag: When we started, at times we used to post twice in a day, but, now that we understand how our audience engages with the page, we usually keep it to 3-4 posts a week.

What do you think is the major ‘plus point’ of your profile?

Arushi and Chirag: It doesn’t just showcase the ‘good’ but it brings out ‘real woes’ of travel, lifestyle and is much more than just a blog!

Has Instagram made blogging easier?

Arushi and Chirag: Instagram sure has brought about a change to the blogging mechanism in terms of helping Influencers to capture those people who are interested in consuming information via a visually appealing picture that shares short information in the form of a caption, but we still believe that it cannot take away the essence of a blog compared to an Instagram visual post.

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