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Quality content more important than numbers: Dipika Singh



A management graduate with a decade-plus experience in top-notch global banking corporations, an avid reader with deep orientation towards imparting knowledge, Dipika Singh moved into academia and also started her own ‘gleefulblogger’ focusing on ‘Parenting’. ‘Education’, and ‘Lifestyle’.

Let’s see what Dipika has to share about her journey in blogging world, from where she came up with the name of her blog, kind of content she posts, and much more.

Working in the management sector, how did blogging happen to you?

Dipika: Training young and aspiring minds was one of the many highlights of my corporate journey. Passion for sharing knowledge moved me from corporates to academia and eventually into blogging. The challenge of sharing the‘ right information’ with a global audience inspired me to start my own blog.

How did you come up with the name?

Dipika: Blog name should be the one that reflects your persona. GLEE in ‘Gleefulblogger’ signifies the happiness of sharing. Through my blog, I share ideas, humour, information, knowledge and much more.

Though sometimes it also gets tricky to get the blog name right, as people take it ‘Gleeful Blogger’ the one with a gap. My biggest reward comes with the comments when readers mention – ‘positive read, just like the name’. ‘What a lovely name’. ‘Your blog name reflects you – cheerful!’

How does being based in Mumbai help a lifestyle blogger?

Dipika: Mumbai is the mighty city of dreams and aspirations. What can be a better place to follow your passion than the maximum city itself? Being the financial capital of the country, Mumbai throws a plethora of opportunities to freelancers like me.

A hotspot of global conglomerates, media giants and abundant opportunities, the city offers daily scoop for content creation and online presence. Product launches, brand amplification, events, workshops, play dates, debate sessions, social causes there are many ways lifestyle bloggers/influencer get their daily exposé.

What kind of posts do you generally indulge in – collaborations, live sessions, DIY videos?

Dipika: Blog is my first love when it comes to content creation. I also take help of microblogging on social media channels, and short videos to drive readers on the blog.

Collaborations helps to introduce new and best to the readers via the blog. It brings pleasure in sharing information and reviewing the latest launches, product descriptions, and social awareness through my page.

‘Parenting’. ‘Education’, and ‘Lifestyle’ – which one is your favourite part of blogging and why?

Dipika: I began my blogging journey with blog posts on Constructive Parenting, the series is named ‘gleeful-parenting’ on the blog. As the dimensions of knowledge enhanced, I ventured out of comfort zone and accepted a few national and international writing challenges.

This helped me in writing on a different genre with the same comfort and discretion. Lifestyle brings an opportunity to explore aspects of life and hence my favourite genre to create content.

What is your take on the current blogging scenario? How do you see influencers market moving in near future – quality or quantity?

Dipika: As a blogger, I feel the Indian blogging scenario is at an emerging stage. Currently, the content is pushed to the readers, unlike European and western markets where its readers are driven.

We are highly involved in the number game, the higher the numbers are better the blogger is! Though, ‘content is the real KING’. I prefer to create quality content than acing up my number game. In the future, I hope bloggers and media agencies synergise for creating better quality work.

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