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The excitement of being today’s blogger never fades: Saba Ladha



Saba Ladha, food, parenting, lifestyle and technology blogger with a 7-year-old blooming blog website is also an author of two e-books – ones a global travelogue and another is romantic fiction.

Apart from being featured in the Humans of Bombay page, Indian Express, India TV News, Daily Hunt, etc, she has been nominated several times by women’s web for the orange flower awards too. So, let’s see what she has to tell about her journey, advantages of being a blogger, collaborations, challenges, and much more:

How did you start your blogging journey? What factors encouraged you to do so?

Saba: My blogging journey started because of extreme frustration during 2014 when I migrated to a new place! It acted as a gateway to my feelings and the love for writing and using my creativity somewhere found a place finally! If it wouldn’t have been this frustration, I may have never been a blogger today!

What is the most exciting part of being a blogger in today’s time?

Saba: The excitement of being today’s blogger never fades! There’s a lot happening every day and you need to talk about it on your social media channels and through your write-ups, which is actually a great feeling. And there’s so much to let the world know, to share with them – this adds into the awesome feeling of being a blogger! Actually I have learned, studied and known so much about the world after being a blogger. There’s always this new brand launching that has something unique about them and a fantastic event happening each month which again lets me meet fellow bloggers and explore something more.

If given a chance to collaborate with any Indian or international blogger of your choice, who would it be and why?

Saba: I would love to collaborate with Yuvika as an Indian blogger and Naturally Nida as an international one! Just love their stories and the energy with which they do their work and present it.

What all challenges do you face in day-to-day life – to keep up the content, manage followers, etc?

Saba: As much as the excitement stays in being a blogger, the challenges do exist side by side! We always have this stress to keep on creating good content constantly. Then there are some brands who judge our work not by the sincerity we do, but by the likes we get (which is very difficult to get nowadays and they always want them in thousands), by the followers we have and some even ask us to share the insights of the male and female percentage of followers we have! (This again is something really irritating). And with almost everyone turning into being a blogger even though they hardly have the guts to write the facts and proper grammatics and word needed for this, it becomes really hard to evolve above the clutter! Again to sustain here, we do immense hard work!

Food, parenting, lifestyle, and technology blogging, what next?

Saba: Actually, I’m quite satisfied with all my achievements so far! I have covered all the genres from food to technology and finance, fiction, etc. I even have successfully launched 2 e-books and am practically ok in video content creation too! But I have this little dream of having my good write-ups or articles to be published in a famous magazine or newspaper. Hopefully, will fulfill this dream too someday!

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