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Want to create more quality content this year: Aishwarya Iyengar



Being a Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger from Bangalore and Mumbai, Aishwarya Iyengar is known for high engagement with her audience and consistent quality content on her social media handles. Apart from having her own website, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts, Aishwarya also runs a successful Pinterest page of her own where she shares colourful pictures and content for the audience. 

Recently, we at QNA got in touch with the lively Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger in order to take a sneak peek in her ‘blogger life’, know about her journey so far, what does she think about collaborations, any specific things she follows, her plans for 2020. Here are some answers she shared with us:

How and when did you decide that you want to start blogging?

Aishwarya: I am a fashion designer by profession and I believe that being into this industry, I have the ability to get the idea of trends even before they are introduced in the market to the public. That was the core reason which encouraged me to put my foot forward in this field, I thought via this platform I can share the knowledge I have about fashion with the world out there.

What kind of changes have you witnessed in the blogging world since the time you started off?

Aishwarya: I think every journey is all about changes and something which I have observed in my industry is that now it has become extremely competitive from the time I started off. 

Do you believe in collaborations? How do you think it helps in the blogging world?

Aishwarya: Being a blogger and Instagram influencer, I do believe in collaborations. I think they are a great way to promote each other on the platforms.

What is the key to your blogging? Any specific thing you follow throughout?

Aishwarya: One thing which I keep in mind is to follow my heart and write what is in my heart. 

Is there anything new you are going to try in 2020?

Aishwarya: I have many exciting plans for the year but the primary one will be to create more quality content and engage with the audience.

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