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An Interaction with fitness model Michelle Lewin



Michelle Lewin is currently one of the best fitness models on the planet. She is toned, strong, but also incredibly beautiful. Among her achievements, she has been a Playboy cover model, a hip-hop video model, an NPC Bikini contestant, and a Betancourt Nutrition athlete. You may also have seen her in numerous television commercials, print adverts, and on the front pages of several magazines.

Excerpt from an interaction with Michelle.

Please tell us about your early career days? how you came to this profession? How is your experience so far?

Michelle: I was working in a hospital for a couple of years, as public relations. Walking around, asking patients about their experiences… After touring around Europe trying to make it as a model, I ended up in Miami. Since Instagram was booming just when I arrived, I decided to give it a go. And since fitness was my biggest hobby, then that was what I decided to show. And it worked quite well. I keep it motivating for women without passing the limit of being vulgar. Surprisingly many women want to see quite provocative pictures since that gives them a spark to go to the gym. So I have as today never met any person that has been rude, they have all be very supportive.

What is your greatest achievement so far?

Michelle: Having Will Smith coming up saying his wife does all my workouts. Also having people standing 3 hours in a line just for a picture. But no, there are other achievements what are way beyond that. Girls and guys sending before and after pictures of their development and how I have saved them from obesity or anorexia. And that just by posting motivational pictures and videos with my smart phone.

What’s your favorite music to workout to?

Michelle: I like electronic music and deep house.

You have been published in many international magazines, do you think you have achieved what you dreamed to achieve?

Michelle: I never dreamed of this. I was quite happy with my life at the clinic. I was just happy to meet a person who really believed in me and decided that push me forward.

What is your perception regarding fitness?

Michelle: Fitness is a lifestyle that is here to stay. There is nothing wrong with fitness, only positive things. So I am so overly happy to be a part of the Fitness boom and to change the female ideal from unhealthy skinny to healthy fit.

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What about you personally? Do you ever feel like you’ve been judged unfairly because of what you do?

Michelle: There is always an opinion when it comes to fitness. Some like it and some don’t. That was a hard task to deal with in the beginning. Now I don’t pay attention to negativity.

What is the number one philosophy you live by?

Michelle: Treat other like you wanna be treated. Just as it should.

Is there something you regret doing in your life?

Michelle: Absolutely nothing. I think all is a chain, and if I would go back and change something I shouldn’t have done, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

What does love sound like?

Michelle: The most valuable we have inside us.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Michelle: Driving a Lamborghini  in 260 km/h. Crazy and unresponisble, I know, but as I said. I regret nothing.

What gives you goosebumps?

Michelle: People that goodhearted that dedicates their life to do good things. Some people gives up everything they have built up to help stray dog. Isn’t what just massive?

Have you ever been to India? Or do you have any favorite(s) from India?

Michelle: I spend my last birthday in India. For the very first time I went to your amazing country, and I just couldn’t get enough. At home I keep playing the soundtrack for “Kal Ho Na Ho”, sometimes I disappear on YouTube watching Hindi music videos. That is one of my biggest dreams, a role in a major Bollywood production. I can act, I can dance exactly like your Bollywood stars, but then there is that singing part I wasn’t blessed with. It’s not a question of “if” I will be back, it’s a question of “when”.

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