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Bleona Qereti: Let’s talk first of the “criteria of dating me”



ShopBleona is your own words..

My e commerce is where they will find “very loud” statement pieces that ultimately describe my personality.

My Achilles arch is actually jewelry! For me the there is no such thing like “too much bling”. Since the shoe – dazzle idea went amazingly well, I couldn’t resist designing all the jewelry that I dreamed wearing when I was a little girl .I have gotten the inspiration form my high end jewelry that I own and I wanted to extend my style and my vision of what I think of “being fabulous” to my amazing devoted fans who have never let me down during all these years.

When did you first start singing?

Bleona: I started really young since I was three years old – kind of accidentally…. I was “forced” to sing and dance at all the dinners that my mom and dad would organize for their friends; When I became 5 my mom and dad took me to the “House of Pionieri” which is the equivalent of  “Mickey Mouse ” club in USA, where I started taking violin lessons and I was singing and dancing. I think this is what set me on my path to be an artist.  I have NEVER considered any other option but being a performer. As far as I’m concerned, I have NO idea how the rest of the world exists without doing music as a profession 

What hidden talents do you have?

Bleona: I am a very good judge of character, … I scan people. And I have a pretty good idea and I can tell, “who is who” by just a short meeting 

How was your experience working in “Euros of Hollywood”?

Bleona: It was an interesting experience to film an American reality show and it definitely has raised awareness of who I am, and now I am looking forward to the next chapter of who I am which is definitely the promotion of the next single and the video going out soon and of the album in general.

What is the most trouble you’ve ever gotten into?

Bleona: Hahahaha I got a thing “ for getting in trouble “ even when I don’t mean it … I remember, long time ago, the first time I went to America, I stayed in Miami in DELANO hotel … I was with my mom, and I wanted to call my father in Albania to say that we arrived well etc. To dial from a hotel room in USA, u need to press 9 first and then 011 to call internationally. But instead I called 911 and the rest of the number. So then I heard a: “what’s your emergency”-  female voice and I didn’t really understand and got scared so I hang up. So in less than 10 min the police was in my room and I had NO IDEA why lol … this is one of my many “crazy “ stories I have about getting in trouble unintentionally…

What does love sound like?

Bleona: Unconditional… I call it love only when “I crawl on the floor and my heart is bleeding”. If it is easy is not worthy to me.

If you could time warp yourself to any point in history when would it be, who would you hang out with? 

Bleona: Definitely Michael Jackson and Elvis and Marylyn.

What is the most precious thing in your wardrobe?

Bleona: Usually my “precious things “has nothing to do with material …  so I wouldn’t call them “precious “ but I do own a lot of crocodile handbags and diamonds are kind of “my thing “  – big diamonds not small!!!

What about you personally? Do you ever feel like you’ve been judged unfairly because of what you do?

Bleona: Of course… I am a “very loud – full of energy” kind of person, and very direct. So people often get either insecure, or misunderstood from me But the more famous you get, I think, the more self-conscious you become. Because the disparity between who people think you are and who you really are becomes broader.

Do you have any Funniest memory on screen or off screen?

Bleona: Many of them. Hard to pick one right now, but usually my dog @jonnyjdog is a part of everything I do, so is funny to see all the moments that we treat him as a person and tell him when to enter the stage and to go out etc. And he has no idea what’s happening of course.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Bleona: Flying to USA from Albania for 1 day to attend a dinner and flying right back next day 

What are the perks of dating you?

Bleona: Ugh… Let’s talk first of the “criteria of dating me” lol… 

A billionaire under 40, NOT married, NO side chicks, who will do as I say… Kind of “mission impossible” NO?


How was it working with Timbaland?

Bleona: It was a challenge…. But I love challenges, I LIVE for challenges… I love to challenge my self! EVERYDAY! I remember I was in Germany on tour in 2008 when Timbaland came out with “The Way I Are” and I was like …”I have to go to America and do an album with this guy” …and everyone in my team -and from my colleagues thought I was LOCO -crazy. Later that year I had a concert for Donald Trump at his private club  “Mar-A Lago” in Florida with a band from Detroit. After the concert, Mr. Trump came to me and he was like: You are the most famous person I have never met. We met in his office in January and unlike any other girl who would have probably asked him to get them a penthouse in NYC, I was like: Can you introduce me to Timbaland ??? He called David Foster on the phone and I found my self, in the next few days, in La singing in front of “THEE DAVID FOSTER ” while he was playing the piano. It was a magic moment- I couldn’t believe that this was all happening. David took me to the Grammys and introduced me to Timbaland, who initially refused to work with me …it took for me 1 year and a half and 8 songs with his production team, for Timbaland to say YES!! And that was a challenge. When I got the first single from him, I invited his official Dj and his rappers signed to him, to come on tour with me back home. And here they come and we have 70.000 + people attending my first concert of the tour … Dj Freestyle called Tim on the phone and he was like: YO TIM THIS GIRL IS CRAZY – SHE HAS A BAG HOLDER HERE MAN… They passed me the phone and Tim was like: I Had NO IDEA you were this kind of artist, let talk when u get back to US. And I will never forget the satisfaction of that particular moment…

Have you ever been to India, Do you have any favorite in Bollywood amongst the Musicians, Actors and Actresses?

Bleona: I have never been to India, but I would love to visit, and why not to do a movie in Bollywood.

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