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World’s first female live painter DJ Sabrina loves being abstract sometimes with no rules



Listed in DJ Magazine as Top 50 in the Middle East (voted No. 15 in the polls) it gives us great pleasure to introduce to you the unique DJ based in Dubai (UAE)!

Sabrina is one of the Middle East finest DJ’s. From being on the scene she has been played for every major artist to celebrity & event around the globe including NEYO, 50Cent, Nelly, Taio Cruz, Jay Sean, Paris Hilton, Akon, Akcent, Gatecrasher and Nicholas Cage Events to name a few. She is currently based in Washington DC and Dubai.

Excerpt from an interaction with Sabrina Terence.

Sabrina Terence in her own worlds…

Sabrina: I am spiritual. I wish many people could have the kind heart and the world could be a more peaceful place.

How did you get started with Djing and that one thing that made you want to become a LIVE PAINTER?

Sabrina: Well djing happened back in 2006, after being a model in Germany and moving to the Middle East. I started doing the Live painting since 2016 as a new project to inspire more people during corporate events. today, i could not only be dj and paint in a nightclub, but at any bar venue, car show etc. this is a great new concept! There are many live painters, speed painters but none of them do painting besides Djing 

Tell us something about your early struggling days?

Sabrina: I love being abstract sometimes with no rules. Which is not always easy as you never know what comes out. 

What gives you goosebumps?

Sabrina: Every Crowd which is screaming and when you can see them enjoying and appreciating it.

You are first female Live Painter DJ. What are your other hidden talents?

Sabrina: I can cook J Would love to open my own restaurant or cafe one day with my own art and music maybe. Sounds good?

Can you tell us about your favorite fan moment?

Sabrina: That’s very difficult, as all my Fans are my favorites! I really appreciate my Followers from India, with over 1.5 Million on Facebook I have around 200K just from India. I love them and they are the most active ones too.

Are you a morning person or a night owl?

Sabrina: I use to be a night owl but now days I go to bed early and start painting in the morning like 11AM 

What’s your dream?

Sabrina: To become a very known artist, for my art and my music! And having a baby with the love of my life Herman. He changed my life.

Have you ever been to India?

Sabrina: Ofcourse, I can’t count anymore, Mumbai, Dehli, Pune, Goa, Hyderbad, Chennai, Kolkatta, Chandigard and many more places! Always love the food. My favorite is Dal and Paneer 

Anything else would you like to share with us.

Sabrina: Yes please make sure you follow my live videos on or


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