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Revive Auto Co-founder Atishay Jain: “We will make you fall in love with your old car again”



Creating a space of it’s own, Revive Auto has come a long way in terms of business, number of customers etc. Atishay Jain, an IIT IIM alumni, and Co-Founder of Revive Auto, has completed his Civil Engineering from IIT – Delhi, and MBA in finance from IIM – Bangalore. He has been engaged in automobile retail for 9 years now, working with brands like NISSAN, Volkswagen and KIA.

In an interview, Atishay Jain talks about the company, its USPs, the services it provides, and it’s future plans.

Please tell us about your services and it’s USPs.

Atishay Jain: Revive Auto is a start-up, which provides car body repair and beautification service to the customers. Currently, the company is offering services like paint repair jobs, dent and paint repair jobs, full-body car paint, exterior customisations, interior customisations, deep cleaning and ceramic coating. Revive has many USPs such as loaner car the facility, real-time location tracking, and regular updates, auto brands approved paint material with 1-year warranty, transparent and fixed pricing, and a wide network of workshops – which are introduced for the time by any such auto start-up.

How did you get the idea of providing service updates of every single step to customers’ mobile app? Like other service, stores don’t provide such IT-friendly advance tracking to clients?

Atishay Jain: As you know that in car service industry lack of transparency and trust is the major challenge. Therefore, to win the customers’ confidence and create a transparent working environment to retain their trust in our brand and services, and furthermore to establish a differentiation between Revive and its competitors in the market, we have enabled such tracking facilities in our app with the help of advanced technology.

How are Revive’s dent and paint repair services better than other service providers?

Atishay Jain: While we try to give the best possible services to our customers, we take care of a lot of factors. Apart from convenience and peace of mind of our customers, we also ensure that there is no unnecessary delay – like in many cases where work scope is well defined in the dent and paint repair services by the customer, we give the car back to the customer in just 24 hrs. At Revive, we use high tech tools to repair the dents with highly skilled and trained manpower, besides we provide one-year paint warranty. Basically, we, at Revive make our customers fall in love with their old carall over again.

How do you estimate the time service would take?

Atishay Jain: After spending so many years in the car servicing, our expert evaluators can easily measure the scope of work, the time required in a particular service/car by just looking at the car. In the majority of the cases, especially in paint and dent projects, we try to deliver the car within 24-48 hrs.

What are the most difficult challenges you face at the customer’s/car owner’s end?

Atishay Jain: Frankly, there are not many challenges we face from customers day-to-day, as we match customers’ expectation in terms of work quality, convenience, time, price, etc. Revive is a customer-centric company, and therefore, customer’s delight is our only priority.

Where are you based currently? And are you planning to expand the business in terms of location?

Atishay Jain: Currently, we are operating in Delhi NCR, soon we are planning to expand our business to other important cities.

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