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Journalism was destined to happen to me: Namita Sachdeva



Namita Sachdeva is an upcoming name in the Media industry! Beauty with brains won’t be an exaggeration if we speak about her. Behind ravishingly beautiful Namita, lies a submissive and simple lady. This reflects beautifully on her positive aura. Coming up to her professional life, she exhibits a wonderful versatile personality that has accredited her successes in life . She holds work experience of 9 years. Here’s an excerpt from an interaction.

Have you always been interested in the media world from the very beginning?

Namita: Not really. I think entering into media world was destined to happen to me. I must say that like any other college grad, I was also not sure about which career to go further with. I first decided to be an airhostess but things didn’t work out there and a part of me still wanted to become an actress and a TV presenter. See for most part, I have always been fascinated with new fashion, glam, shimmer and starry life but never thought of that someday I would ever get this opportunity to live my dreams in this field. My father has always believed in me and had a strong belief that i will become an actor one day – So with his blessings and and good wishes of all my well wishers, I got the chance in the year 2008 to become a TV Anchor of a renowned Tv channel that came to my college for placements.Since then, this caravan has always been on and on ..Plus I am even more determined to succeed through.

Tell us about your love for Journalism.

Namita: I believe that there is a journalist in every person, but yes the love for the same starts growing from the moment one starts realizing their strengths in any of the field that they are interested in. I have always been keen in staying updated about the events that take place in the world, exploring new places, collecting interesting news and doing all the PTCs, interviewing people, especially holding the mic and performing on stage or standing in front of mirror in my very own house. So yes, love for journalism was there, since I was very young and when I grew up – My vision professionally was pretty clear as I went after it in my college for PG Diploma course for Business Journalism and corporate Communication in the year 2007.

Since you juggle in a lot of different genres, which one’s your favourite news beat?

Namita: Bollywood/ Entertainment and Social/Women Empowerment. I would like to thank all the channels I had worked with and still working with some News Express, Zee Networks, P7news, Punjab Kesari , Doordarshan, ABP News and others too who believed in me and gave me the platform to work on my favourite beats – collecting current news about my favourite stars, interviewing them and passing it to my audiences . Also I always feel proud whenever I take the charge to do something new and bring change in society through my efforts as an Anchor/Journalist. We are the representatives for the people of our society and if through this medium, we media people can be of any help then i think things are working just in the finest way ever.

Do you have any mentor or any role model who inspires you?

Namita: My Mum and Dad have always been my role model who inspired me all the way. I always want to be as strong as they have been throughout in life . I believe our parents give us unconditional love and every kid has a lot of things to learn from their parents. They really are our role models. Words would be too short to express what I feel for them. About my Mentor – Since i have worked for different channels, I have met a lot of experienced people and learned so many new things. Definitely they all are my gurus and mentors and I would always thank them for helping me weave my path in the field i love.

Have your ever had any out of the box experience while covering any news?

Namita: Working in this glamourous world is overall a ‘so much out of the box’ experience and a privilege. To count one experience would not be justice to others as sometimes I have had so much fun experiences while shooting that are just unforgettable. But yes, one such experience is a haunting one that happened to me while shooting for a shoot based on a haunted haveli; It was when our shooting cameras got collapsed and we were not able to complete it on time. Quite an experience it was!

Working here is the best experience of my life and I will always try to give my best into this as every new day I get an opportunity to have an out of the box experience out here and i just love that all this is just the Icing on the cake of being into this profession.

Tarun Jain is a Journalist, Blogger, Translator, Social Media Expert and Cartoon Lover. He served in Punjab Kesari as journalist. Currently he is working as Senior Content Contributor at Tarun has 5+years of experience working in media industry including work for several regional media houses.